Our Inspections

SLD performs visual inspections of all installed and readily accessible systems and components and provide the client with a report of observed defects at the time of the inspection according to the current Standards of Practice of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).  This inspection is not invasive, destructive, or technically exhaustive. A more technically exhaustive inspection requires additional specialists or experts and would incur considerably higher costs in time and money than is required for this limited visual inspection.

We take care to follow the clues of any potential problem, but the scope of the inspection limits us to what is readily accessible.  For example, we can observe how the joists in the floor below the wall show several years of water damage while the joists above are in good shape and determine that there is a leak in the wall and the floor under it is weak and needs to be fixed. We cannot make holes in the walls to inspect the plumbing, nor are we are not allowed to pull up carpeting to inspect the floor.

Weather limitations and hazardous conditions may also impede inspection of certain components, especially in connection with the roof, heating, and air conditioning systems.  For example we will never attempt to run an air conditioner in temperatures below 60 degrees because of the risk of damage to the compressor. If something cannot be inspected, this will be noted in the report along with the related conditions.

We respect every property, no matter its present condition, as someone’s home and try to leave it in the same shape or better than when we found it. Sometimes, this means we tighten a nut here or tuck a piece of siding there.  If it takes about as long to report it as it does to fix it, most times we just fix it and move on.  This is all about our aim for superior service.