Safety, Longevity, Dependability

SLD Difference

Why SLD?

SLD Inspections provide trained, certified, insured, and professional inspectors.  But we provide additional value

Professionally Trained

ahit_logoMany home inspectors just take online courses. Our inspectors have all passed the rigors of classroom and on-site training from the American Home Inspector Training Institute.  Beyond that, they are continuously trained by mentors and must follow through with continuing education courses.

Better Home Warranty

Most home warranties turn out to be worthless because they have a pre-existing clause that allows them to deny coverage. Our professional home inspection reports make you eligible for a home warranty that covers pre-existing conditions. This warranty covers much more than traditional home warranties because it requires a home inspection where most warranties do not.

Detailed Electronic Reporting

Some home inspectors just have a notebook and a flashlight, better ones have a checklist and a camera.  However every one of our inspectors uses an electronic worksheet on site that provides a consistent, detailed report including hi-res photos.  This report is transmitted to the customer electronically in a searchable PDF format as well as preserved in our archives for 10 years. We can provide it in paper form too, if you really want to kill a tree and waste a lot of colored ink.  It will be heavy.  We warned you.