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A better Home Warranty program

Most home warranties have a pre-existing clause. If they have reason to believe a defect existed before the point of purchase, it will not be covered!

However, if we perform an Inspection and you purchase a Home Inspector Service Option from Global Home USA, you will be covered for any unknown pre-existing defects if the Inspection Report passed it as satisfactorily working without the need for service or repair.

Non-detected pre-existing coverage.

Other home warranties do not care about the inspector’s report (nor do they want to see it). They look to see if a problem is a pre-existing condition. If it is, they don’t cover it. Global Home USA requires a home inspection and they will cover that item under the terms of the warranty if it was not needing servicing or repair at the time of inspection.

What if it was defective on the inspection report?

For items that do need service or repair, if the customer (or seller), can get it fixed before closing and retain the receipt, it will be covered!